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Cybersecurity Today: A Call to Action

CyberSkills2Work supporters hear the nation’s call for more cybersecurity in today’s ever-evolving cyberage. Cyberspace is continually advancing with more sophisticated ways to conduct business, socialize, and shop online. As it evolves, so does cybercrime. Cybersecurity analysts emphasize the need to take action on cybercriminals and develop a solid cyberdefense against computer crimes. Having skilled cybersecurity professionals at the frontline of cyberdefense helps protect networks, devices, and data from unlawful internet activity. According to CyberSeek, the U.S. has a shortfall of about 597,767 cybersecurity professionals. More skilled professionals are needed to tackle the nation’s top cybersecurity challenges:

The annual global cost of cybercrime damages is about $6 trillion and is expected to increase to $10.5 trillion by 2025. In 2020, reported financial losses from cybercrime in the U.S. cost over $4.1 billion, a 69% increase from 2019.

Source: CyberSecurity Ventures, FBI

Currently, there are 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally and close to 600,000 nationally.

Source: CyberSecurity Ventures
Cybersecurity Workforce Gaps

Reportedly, 95% of all cybersecurity breaches are due to human error and 69% of organizations indicate that their cybersecurity teams are understaffed.

Source: IBM and ISACA
Cybersecurity Training Needs

CyberSkills2Work Responds to the Call

CyberSkills2Work, established in 2020, is responding to the nation’s call for more cybersecurity measures. It is building a strong labor force to fight cyberthreats to organizations across critical infrastructure sectors, including finance. CyberSkills2Work equips transitioning military members, veterans, and first responders with necessary skills to combat today’s top cybersecurity threats. The program, a network of America’s leading cybersecurity universities and Fortune 500 companies, provides training, career development, and job placement support to its learners.

With in-person and virtual course options, CyberSkills2Work is one of the best free, online cybersecurity training programs in the USA. After completing the program, graduates receive certification and digital badges that document their earned credentials. They also are connected with employers and cybersecurity job opportunities to begin or advance their careers. CyberSkills2Work addresses an urgent demand to fill the cybersecurity workforce gap with skilled individuals who can help curtail cybercrimes.

Program Impact

What People Say About CyberSkills2Work

Cesar Argueta
CyberSkills2Work '21 graduate

“The program allowed me to enhance my IT skills and provided me with the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Additionally, the program has helped me better understand the importance of cybersecurity and how to incorporate my newly learned skills to improve security measures within my current role as Sr. Security Analyst.”
Janice Sanders
CyberSkills2Work '22 graduate

“This program has allowed me to gain invaluable skills through the curriculum, as well as the hands-on application of the learning through the CTF's and Tabletop exercises. This program has opened many opportunities for me, and I am eager to see what the journey brings.”
Wallace Williams
CyberSkills2Work '21 graduate

“The CyberSkills2Work program gave me a new perspective on the many aspects of cybersecurity. I am able to build off the fundamentals and use the knowledge gained from courses to enhance and upskill my current skill set.”

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Join the fight against cybercrime. Support CyberSkills2Work and its efforts to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity workforce with skilled individuals. Be a part of our collective group of learners, educational institutions, employers, and partners who are making a difference in cybersecurity.

Do you have some IT or cybersecurity experience and want to further your career in the field? If you’re a transitioning military person, veteran or first responder, apply to CyberSkills2Work. Take our aptitude test to see what cybersecurity work role or career path is best for you. This program could be your free ticket to journey a long and rewarding career in cybersecurity.
CyberSkills2Work comprises nine educational institutions that are designated National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C). Each institution offers free, certified and credentialed cybersecurity courses that prepare learners for entry-level employment in pursued work roles. Is your institution an NCAE-C that offers a cybersecurity workforce program? If so, join us!
Employers Network
Finding skilled workers to fill cybersecurity jobs can be difficult. However, CyberSkills2Work has simplified the hiring and job-finding process. Join our network of 40+ employers who are actively filling and sharing cybersecurity job vacancies with program graduates.
Program Partners
CyberSkills2Work invites individuals and organizations to support the program and help it reach underrepresented and underserved populations. With your help, the program can provide opportunities to transitioning and retired military persons, first responders, veterans, women, and minorities. Help us promote, market, and expand the program.

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Develop work-ready skills in the cybersecurity field. Choose from various different work roles for cybersecurity training. Follow the pathway of courses offered by CyberSkills2Work’s coalition of NCAE-C institutions.

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