Threat/Warning (OSINT and Dark Web) Analyst Pathway

Dakota State University

About This Program

DSU CyberSkills2Work (also known as the OSINT Academy) prepares learners to analyze, collect, operate, investigate, protect, and defend information and information systems. Digital security breaches and ransomware attacks have escalated in recent years, and the United States lacks the number of trained analysts and investigators needed to protect our national interests and assets. This program is gearing up for the country’s projected growth of cybersecurity analysts in coming years. It’s arming learners with tactical cyberdefense skills and producing individuals qualified to thwart cybercrimes.

About This Pathway

The Threat/Warning Analyst (OSINT and Dark Web) Pathway prepares participants for a threat/warning analyst work role. This learner-centric, competency-focused education trains students on evidence identification, acquisition, preservation and investigative processes for traditional hard disk drives, emerging internet of things (loT) devices, cloud accounts, and online communication. Participants learn best practices for open-source intelligence and dark web investigations; evidence identification, acquisition, and preservation; and processes for traditional hard disk drives, IoT devices, cloud-based accounts, and social media platforms. Pathway graduates might also work as a law enforcement/counterintelligence forensics analyst, cyber defense forensics analyst, cyber operator, cybercrime investigator, cyber defense analyst, or cyber incident responder. Three sessions are currently offered: Session 1 (Jan. 9- March 10, 2023); Session 2 (April 3-June 2, 2023); and Session 3 (June 12 - Aug. 1, 2023).

  • Free
Target Work Role(s)
  • Threat/Warning Analyst
  • Entry Level
Delivery Format
  • Asynchronous Online
Start Date
  • June 12, 2023
End Date
  • Aug. 1, 2023
Duration (in weeks)
  • 9 weeks
Industry Certifications Included
Digital Badges Awarded
  • NCAE-C DSU OSINT Foundations
  • NCAE-C DSU OSINT Optimized
  • NCAE-C DSU OSINT Search Engine Researcher
  • NCAE-C DSU OSINT Social Media Researcher
  • NCAE-C DSU OSINT Technical Researcher
  • NCAE-C DSU OSINT Public Records Researcher
  • NCAE-C DSU OSINT Analyst
  • NCAE-C DSU OSINT Presenter
  • NCAE-C DSU OSINT Specialist Investigator - Capstone

High school diploma

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Must be a veteran, transitioning service member, or first responder.
  • Must have at least a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. School transcripts of the highest level of education completed are required.
  • Must have some IT or cybersecurity experience.