Terms of Use

Last updated: 7/11/2022

Please carefully review our Terms of Use agreement regarding utilization of the National Cybersecurity Workforce Development Program (CyberSkills2Work) website, mobile application or any of its online services. Our Terms of Use outlines appropriate behaviors expected of cyberskills2work.org visitors and notifies site users of actions that our website administrator may perform to keep our website, mobile app, and online services functioning properly.

Cyberskills2work.org is designed to educate the public about CyberSkills2Work, generate interest in the program, and attract potential participants and supporters. All information published to the website is provided in good faith and true to our knowledge. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of information provided to us by third parties or secondary sources. Therefore, we will not assume any liability for any loss or damages incurred as result of your reliance on any third-party information provided to us and published to cyberskills2work.org or the mobile app.

By visiting cyberskills2work.org or its mobile app, you agree to our Terms of Use. We advise you to read our Terms of Use agreement in its entirety. If you do not agree to it, please discontinue use of our website and services.

External Links

Our website might contain referring links to other websites or content from third parties. These links are provided to refer users to the original sources of information for further consideration. We do not assume responsibility for third-party websites, any misinformation that they may contain, or any damages you may incur from visiting them.

CyberSkills2Work Application

Cyberskills2work.org provides an application for entry to the CyberSkills2Work program. It collects required personal identifiable information from eligible applicants who are interested in joining the program. Applicants acknowledge that any information submitted, via the application, is accurate and can be substantiated.

All information provided by program applicants is screened and reviewed by CyberSkills2Work representatives. Our applicants’ information is not used or sold for any other purposes, except for consideration of acceptance to the CyberSkills2Work program. Applicants submitting plagiarized or misrepresented information will be rejected or dropped from the program, and denied the opportunity to reapply in the future. CyberSkills2Work does not assume liability for anyone impersonating someone else, stealing another person’s identification or misrepresenting themselves in submitted program applications.

MyCyberSkills2Work Portal

This portal is available to all registered users of the CyberSkills2Work program. It provides a method for program learners to track their training progress, search for jobs, get course information, check the status of pursued certifications and badges, and communicate with institutions administering their education. Portal registrants must provide personal identifiable information to set up an account. Such information is not provided or sold to third parties. CyberSkills2Work retains learner information, for a minimum of three years, for program assessment and reporting in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Subtitle A, Part 200.

A portal user must agree and understand that you are solely responsible for the content and activity of your personal account. You must not transmit any content that is unlawful, offensive, objectionable, threatening, or intended to cause harm to others. This includes any files that may contain viruses, malware, trojan horses or any content that is designed to disrupt, damage or restrict the portal software or website functions. We may terminate or suspend your portal account immediately, without prior notice, liability or limitation, if you breach our Terms of Use.


Cyberskills2work.org features the logos of corporations or organizations who are major contributors. We might also hyperlink to the contributors’ websites to acknowledge their donations or contributions. However, our acknowledgement in this manner does not imply that our program endorses them or their products and services.


Cyberskills2work.org features testimonials of user experiences. These testimonials reveal the personal experiences and opinions of CyberSkills2Work participants, members of its coalition of institutions and National Employers Network, and supporters. Testimonials featured on the website are submitted in various ways, including email. They are reviewed and edited for spelling or grammatical errors before they are published online. Full user statements may be condensed for brevity but appear verbatim. Published testimonials are a true representation of our users’ experiences. However, we advise site visitors not to assume that all who use our services or participate in the program will have the same results. Program outcomes may vary per person. CyberSkills2Work reserves the right to use the submitted testimonials and images of persons giving statements. They may not be reused or downloaded for any other purpose.

Copyright Infringement

The CyberSkills2Work brand and logo are used exclusively for promotion of the program by its administrators and coalition of institutions. All other use is prohibited. We reserve the right to take legal action on persons who unlawfully download or copy the CyberSkills2Work logo or attempt to represent our brand for unlawful or any other activity.

Age Restrictions

Our CyberSkills2Work services and website are intended for people 18 years old or older. We are not required to verify user age. Therefore, when you utilize CyberSkills2Work services, you represent that you are age 18 or older. We do not accept responsibility for minors who visit cyberskills2work.org and attempt to utilize our services. Review our Privacy Policy for more information.

Interruption of Service

Our website administrator may occasionally need to temporarily shut down the website for maintenance caused by server issues. This may interrupt users’ ability to access our website or services. At such times, we will notify users of an anticipated interruption of services on the website or mobile app. Notifications regarding website maintenance or a disruption of service may appear on the cyberskills2work.org homepage.

Terms of Use Changes

CyberSkills2Work reserves the right and sole discretion to modify our Terms of Use at any time. Any revisions will be indicated on this page, which includes a modification date. It is the responsibility of cyberskills2work.org users to routinely check our Terms of Use page for any changes.

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding our Terms of Use, please contact us at info@cyberskills2work.org.