CyberSkills2Work Testimonials

Knowing what people say about CyberSkills2Work might help you decide if it's worth your time or investment. Consider comments from people, nationwide, who are involved in different facets of the program. Get their firsthand thoughts about the program’s benefits.

Janice Sanders
CyberSkills2Work '22 graduate

“This program has allowed me to gain invaluable skills through the curriculum, as well as the hands-on application of the learning through the CTF's and Tabletop exercises. This program has opened many opportunities for me, and I am eager to see what the journey brings.”
Justin Rhoads
CyberSkills2Work '21 graduate

“As a veteran, this program equipped me with the valuable skills that I needed to enter into a new career field and secure a job in the cybersecurity industry. Because of the CyberSkills2Work program, I now have a promising new career, a bright future, and I have bettered the lives of myself and my family.”
Steven McDonald
CyberSkills2Work '22 graduate

"This was an amazing opportunity that I was fortunate to be selected for. This program has greatly enhanced my knowledge of not only networks through the Network+ certification but also the CySA+ certificate. I would highly encourage anyone that has this opportunity to not only further their knowledge but also take advantage of the career advancement that is now within reach.”
Wallace Williams
CyberSkills2Work '21 graduate

“The CyberSkills2Work program gave me a new perspective on the many aspects of cybersecurity. I am able to build off the fundamentals and use the knowledge gained from courses to enhance and upskill my current skill set.”
Cesar Argueta
CyberSkills2Work '21 graduate

“The program allowed me to enhance my IT skills and provided me with the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Additionally, the program has helped me better understand the importance of cybersecurity and how to incorporate my newly learned skills to improve security measures within my current role as Sr. Security Analyst.”
William Mechler
CyberSkills2Work '22 learner

“The training and skills I learned through the CyberSkills2Work program gave me the practical skill set needed to land my dream job. The skills I learned in this program I use daily.”
Dr. Eman El-Sheikh
CyberSkills2Work Principal Investigator

"CyberSkills2Work has emerged as a nationally recognized cybersecurity training program. We’re honored to have a hand in steering the future of cybersecurity while developing the future workforce. This program is strategically preparing our country against malicious cyberattacks.”
Jenuz Rojas
CyberSkills2Work '21 graduate

“I love that the program was completely FREE, the program invested in me, and all it required was my commitment and time. Also, it was completely 100% asynchronous online, making it easier to be a part of since I was a full-time student and worked full time.”
Sanjay ​Sey
CyberSkills2Work '22 learner

"I particularly enjoyed the Public Records and Technical Research week. It is the delivery of the class material that I was the most impressed with. I gained so much confidence towards how to structure my online research more systematically and where to look for information."